RUPES N° 011-2013 (03/09/2013)

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Reporte Últimos Papers Económicos Seleccionados: ¿Qué hay de nuevo en la investigación económica?
  1. AREZKI, ROTA-GRAZIOSI & SENBET. "Capital Flight Risk"
  2. BONTHUIS, JARVIS & VANHALA. "What’s going on behind the euro area Beveridge curve(s)?Working Paper Series, NO 1586, European central Bank, September 2013
  3. DUMAGAN, Jesus. "Relative Price Effects on Decompositions of Change in Aggregate Labor Productivity". DISCUSSION PAPER SERIES NO. 2013-44, Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2 september 2013. 
  4. JAITMAN & MACHIN. "Crime and Immigration: New Evidence From England and Wales". CEP Discussion Paper No 1238, September 2013
  5. SARLO, Christopher. "The Cost of Raising Children". Frase Institute, September 2013. 
  6. UGAARD, Morten. "Sustainability and the question of economic limits to growth". Copenhagen Business School. Paper for 8th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, Warsaw, September 18-21 2013.
  7. USIF Foundation. "The impact of Sustainable and Responsible Investment". September 2013. 
  8. VAUBEL, Ronald. "The Political Economy of Secession in the European Union". 04 September 2013. 
  9. WHITE, William. "Is Monetary Policy a Science? The Interaction of Theory and Practice Over the Last 50 Years". Working Papers No. 155, Globalization and Monetary Policy, Institute Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. September 2013.